What We Do

Our Engineering division has many years of experience in the Automotive sector for a variety of clients like Ford Motor Company, General Motors and Toyota. We also have extensive experience working for major Suppliers to the Automotive Industry like, Delphi, Visteon, NGK, Benteler, Continental, Denso, and many others. This experience covers all of the areas of engineering from mechanical, electrical, structural and surface design.

Our IT Consulting division provides well-trained and experienced staff to assist our clients in achieving their business objectives through the use of advanced technologies.

We believe that face-to-face communication is critical to success. We not only make the phone calls and teleconferences, but also visit the people and sites that we support. This allows us to gain a first-hand view of how the implementation is really going. Also, it gives us perspective on the issues facing satellite locations that often hinder implementation: local economy, culture, and language.

Trilogy International, can provide high-quality engineering deliverables and reduce your costs through our competitive flat rates and off-shore capabilities.