• Information technology

    Our Information Technology group performs many functions and is working on several new initiatives.

    We currently provide IT support to a number of supplier clients in the automotive industry. We have focused on hardware, software and OS upgrades for Ford's C3P toolset. Additionally, we offer hardware and software support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, both onsite and over the phone. We offer flat rates that are very competitive and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our results!

    We also provide website development. In addition to our own internal and external websites, Trilogy E-commerce has developed and maintained websites for numerous professional organizations. Let us refresh your current site or design one from the ground up!

    Trilogy E-commerce can provide the industry expertise and technology capabilities to meet your growing challenges:

    • Immediate access to hard-to-find and in-demand skills
    • Reduced costs through offshore development
    • 24/7 workday through operations across the globe
    • Broad and deep technological competencies

    End-to-end execution of projects including:

    • Analysis, management, design, development, implementation and support
    • Total Quality Management (TQM) throughout the project
    • Cost containment through use of system development methodologies with defined deliverables and customer sign-off
    • Systems development using various methodologies including Rapid Application Development (RAD) and waterfall

    End-to-end execution of projects include full system development life cycle:

    • Identifying problems, opportunities, and objectives
    • Determining information requirements
    • Analysis - our business and technical consultants will analyze the business case for the problems you seek to resolve.
    • Design - Architecture design
    • Development and documentation of solution
    • Testing
    • Implementing and evaluating the system

    Our expertise in IT and e-commerce solutions helps us understand client requirements and prepare the best solutions based on business processes. We provide complete one-stop shopping: design, develop, implement, test and launch high-quality solutions.

  • Engineering

    Trilogy International, can provide high-quality engineering deliverables and reduce your costs through our competitive flat rates and off-shore capabilities. By utilizing out facilities in India and Brazil we can cut your engineering cycle time and costs while maintaining your rigid quality standards.

    Our engineering staff is the most qualified in the industry. Our staffing model ensures that each engineer is not only degreed in the appropriate field, but also well-versed in two or more CAD tools. In this way, we close the designer-to-engineer communication loop, saving both time and money.

    Through our partnerships with other leaders in the industry, we can take your concept through development, prototyping, tooling and manufacture.

  • Consulting

    Our approach to implementing a new business process is simple, yet effective.

    We believe that face-to-face communication is critical to success. We not only make the phone calls and teleconferences, but also visit the people and sites that we support. This allows us to gain a first-hand view of how the implementation is really going. Also, it gives us perspective on the issues facing satellite locations that often hinder implementation: local economy, culture, and language.

    Process implementation requires planning and communication. Trilogy helps it's clients prepare a detailed, working-level project plan. We believe that valuable time will be wasted downstream if the proper planning is not done upfront. Once we get the plan developed, we secure buy-in from stakeholders. This key step gets the communication flowing from the beginning, reducing potential roadblocks. With a plan in place, we can roll up our sleeves and get into the detailed implementation.

    When a process changes, communication of the new way of doing business is essential. We believe that documentation, whether on paper or the web, is the only effective method of facilitating change. We learned from experience that many businesses do not know how they are currently doing business. We start by building a process model of the existing business flow. Then, we use a laptop computer and projector to modify the process "online" while all the stakeholders are in attendance. This method quickly and effectively models out current and proposed business processes.

    Once the process is mapped, we develop metrics for measuring the success of he implementation. These metrics document the improvements in areas such as cycle time and costs. Trilogy also develops standards to ensure product consistency. Additionally, we create assessments to measure whether the process changes are being followed and training to educate staff when they are not.